Vintage Italian outfit 

I bought this vintage 1950s Italian silk dress in Rome and finally got to wear it!! Along with my fun earrings from Lecco, Lake Como ❤️


Nashville and Charlotte

Next stop was Nashville. We were so worn out by this stage so we drank around the pool and then went to the Johnny Cash museum! 

We headed to Charlotte and we ate dinner at the rooftop restaurant and bar 

Next stop is Boston!! 

Casey xxxx


I have been an Elvis fan for over 10 years and was so excited to visit Graveland!! We arrived in Memphis, stayed the night and then headed to Graceland! 

It was the most amazing tour and I felt like I was in a dream! We then visited Sun Studio, another dream come true! 

So many beautiful memories! A music lover’s must visit place!

Casey xxx

New Orleans 

New Orleans is amazing!! The people are so friendly and polite. Such a great vibe!! We walked around the garden district and looked through Lafayette Cemetry.





We had dinner at Deanie’s Seafood where we had a huge seafood platter and I had a gigantic cocktail! We then walked up Bourban Street and watched a great jazz band! 





 The next day we checked out some of the sights an went on a cruise down the Mississippi River on a steam boat.





 July 4th we had dinner and walked to Frenchman Street to watch some awesome live music!  

We had such a blast!!

Casey xxx

San Francisco 

What an absolutely amazing place!! This was our first stop on our American trip! Our first day we hired bikes and ride over the Golden Gate Bridge!  We ate our very first In and Out burgers too!! 

The next day we took a wine tour through the Napa Valley! 

We did so much walking around checking out the local spots! 

  I love the artist Deb and found some very cool work of hers! 



I also went to an amazing bakery that you must go to if in SF! Mr Holmes Bakehouse 

I love this place!! 

Casey xxx

Delicious Vietnamese Pho!!

I made dinner for my husband the other night and felt like something refreshing and healthy. I flicked through my scrap booking recipes and found one for Vietnamese beef pho. I bought the ingredients from my local Asian supermarket and got to work! It turned out so good!

The bean sprouts and coriander make the soup so refreshing! The cinnamon sticks and star anise makes the soup taste so authentic! I felt like I was back in Vietnam!! Here is the recipe!

Go on, give it a go!!

Casey xxx