African art in the classroom 

African elephants 🐘🐘

African Maasai tribe people 💕

Classroom Valentine’s Day art and craft

Over the last few days I have been making heart sun catchers with my students. To begin with I gave the kids a laminating sheet, card heart cut outs, tissue paper & cellophane. The kids then glue their pieces down & I laminated their sheets.


I then traced a heart, cut it out & made a template to trace onto cardboard.

I then glued the laminate heart onto the heart cardboard. The kids glued a few more hearts onto the cardboard and then they were done!



Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Casey xxz

DIY Paper Christmas Wreaths

These were a bit tricky for my class of year twos but they managed to pull them off and they look super sweet! We started off with a piece of A3 green card, folded it “hotdog” style length ways, ruled a line that wasn’t on the fold & then ruled lots of lines to cut. The full instructions are on my Pinterest board: Christmas Wreaths


Once the kids had cut all the lines, they folded the paper around into a cylinder shape (pretty tricky) and then I stapled it. They then glued on red bows and berries!


I then hung them up in the classroom off some tinsel 😀




Casey xxxx

DIY Paper Snowflake Chandelier

I love doing Christmas craft and activities in class. The kids are getting excited for Christmas and the teachers are excited it’s nearly holidays. Snowflakes are a fun thing to make (even though it doesn’t snow in Perth).
I photocopied the template from Pinterest Pinterest
and got the kids to fold and cut.


I then got a hula hoop, tied different lengths of string into the hoop and started sticky taping snowflakes onto it.

It started looking like a beautiful dream catcher.


Once all the snow flakes had been stuck on, I tied the hula hoop to wire across the classroom ceiling.





Casey xxx

More Japanese Art and Craft


I can’t get enough of Japanese culture. Sharing it with the kids in my class is so fantastic!


We made these super sweet carp kites. To begin we got large A3 coloured card. The kids drew scale patterns with oil pastel crayons, stuck paper fins on, white eyes and then I stapled the paper around to make a cylinder shape. We then stuck streamers into the bottom and I hung them up in the classroom!



The kids then followed a step by step picture and drew two koi fish. After using pencil then went over it with oil pastels and they then painted it with edicol dye!



I got both ideas from the wonderful Pinterest! Follow my link to view more fabulous ideas for teaching kids about Japan!!

Casey xxx

Japanese art and craft

At school this term I have been teaching my kids all about Japan! We have done some awesome Japanese art and craft!

Here are our cherry blossoms! I started off by painting a thick line of black edicol dye down a piece of long white card. The kids then go a straw and blew the dye so it created branches.

Once they had dried we got purple, pink and green paint. The kids then used their fingers, dipped them into the paint and carefully created the blossoms and leaves. They were then mounted on black card and put up in the classroom!




We also created traditional Japanese fans but the kids painted Australian symbols on them. I love the colour they add to the classroom!



Casey xxx

Classroom art and craft

Open night at school is always exhausting but the positive thing about it is creating art to hang in the room!! I love doing art with my kids! This term has been an around the world theme so we have looked at different countries and done some art and leant information about that country. Here are some pieces if art from my classroom. There are Mexican day of the dead flags, African weaving mats, Australian book week chicken door and Father’s Day art! I’ve also got a link to my Pinterest board on around the world work!