Movie date and lunch 

Thursday I went to watch Dior and I at Luna cinema in Leederville. I wore my vintage dress from Melbourne, lobster socks from Dangerfield and loafers from Wittner! 



We then went for lunch at Jamie’s Italian! We had some great food, including this delicious “epic brownie” 


I love holidays!!

Casey xxx 


Weekend fun!

The weekend was so lovely! The weather is warming up and it’s nearly holiday time! We started the weekend off with a treat! Red Frankfurt hotdogs!!

Saturday morning we went shopping and I got a new phone! I’ve had mine for a few years and it was getting so slow! We headed out for a friend’s birthday that night and couldn’t resist a selfie with my new phone and cover!

Sunday we headed to the Leederville Festival!

We ate some delicious paella and watching my husband’s cousin play. They are called Wisdom 2th and are hip hop but something so different! They were so fun and just great! Check them out!! Wisdom 2th

This weekend can’t come quick enough!!

Casey xxx