The Hot Spell

  This is my band. The Hot Spell. We play surf/garage music. We are a local Perth band and recently did some recording.

Check out our Facebook page for photos, updates and events! 

The Hot Spell

The Hot Spell

My band has recorded a demo and we will be doing shows soon!! 

We have a Sound Cloud track on our Facebook page. Check it out and give us a like please! The Hot Spell

I am the singer, Josh on Bass, Paul on guitar and Terrence is the drummer!

We are a Perth surf rock/garage band having fun! 

Casey xxxx

New Orleans 

New Orleans is amazing!! The people are so friendly and polite. Such a great vibe!! We walked around the garden district and looked through Lafayette Cemetry.





We had dinner at Deanie’s Seafood where we had a huge seafood platter and I had a gigantic cocktail! We then walked up Bourban Street and watched a great jazz band! 





 The next day we checked out some of the sights an went on a cruise down the Mississippi River on a steam boat.





 July 4th we had dinner and walked to Frenchman Street to watch some awesome live music!  

We had such a blast!!

Casey xxx

Friday night fun

Friday night was dinner and dance night this week!! I went out to dinner with my gorgeous husband and amazing parents! I wore my ‘new’ op shop dress from Good Sammys! We went to my favourite bar Deville’s Pad and had an awesome dance to the amazing band Stratosfunk!!






Weekend fun!

The weekend was so lovely! The weather is warming up and it’s nearly holiday time! We started the weekend off with a treat! Red Frankfurt hotdogs!!

Saturday morning we went shopping and I got a new phone! I’ve had mine for a few years and it was getting so slow! We headed out for a friend’s birthday that night and couldn’t resist a selfie with my new phone and cover!

Sunday we headed to the Leederville Festival!

We ate some delicious paella and watching my husband’s cousin play. They are called Wisdom 2th and are hip hop but something so different! They were so fun and just great! Check them out!! Wisdom 2th

This weekend can’t come quick enough!!

Casey xxx