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Love my home and making it beautiful 🌿🌱💕✨

DIY shadow box refurbish 

My husband use to have this beautiful shadow box in his room when he was a child. He had all his little trinkets and toys in there. When his mother asked if we wanted it, I jumped at the chance. 

To begin with I went to Bunnings and bought sandpaper and varnish. I think sandpaper the whole thing. Then I did one coat of varnish and let it dry. The next day I did one more coat. 



We then hung the box in the hall outside our bedroom. Josh’s mum still had some of his trinkets from when he was young, so I put them in and added a few of mine. 


Casey xxx

DIY Bar Cart

Today I’m feeling in a very DIY mood. My last big DIY project was nearly a year ago!! I always wanted a bar cart and found this white trolley at a small church op shop for $10! 


I bought some sand paper and blue spray paint then got to work. I took it apart, gave it a light sanding and then carefully spray painted the white parts. I love the final result!   


I’m continually adding bits and pieces. I particularly like different drinking straws, gin and flowers! 




Casey xxxx 

Home sweet home

I love our little home! We have been living here for nearly two years!! Here are some of our treasures!
Our front door unit from Empire and Angelique Houtkamp print

Our bedroom and gallery wall


Our gorgeous plate we got in India and vintage canisters

Our vintage radiogram, a gift from a wonderful family friend