Date night!

After a long week, Friday night finally arrived. Time for date night 🙂
I wore my super cool Ethel and Leo banana top, cute cherry earrings from Harajuku, Japan and my black netted skirt from Monki in Japan



Josh took me to Hippo Creek in Waterford. We had a few drinks and ordered. We both got steak but mine came on a stick! It was delicious but I couldn’t eat it all! 😦

Can’t wait for the next date night 🙂
Casey xxxx


I love socks!!

I love everything about socks. The comfort you feel wearing them, getting into bed on a cold night wearing socks and taking them off to feel the sheets. Most of all I love wearing different socks with fun shoes!! I’ve got quite the collection going!

Sushi socks from Harajuku, Japan

Ice-cream sundae socks from Japan

Cute girl socks from Singapore

Love heart candy socks from Harajuku, Japan

Polka dot sockets from Japan

Strawberry socks from Fremantle

Socks are fun and make me very happy!!

Casey xxx

Girls night!!

The working week can sometimes be a drag, so why not brighten it with a fun girls night!! Last night my gorgeous friend and I picked up some supplies after work then headed home.
We made delicious nachos for dinner. We had corn chips, salsa, corn, mozzarella, avocado and spur cream. We had a little picnic on the front yard.


We then did a mud face mask and manicure. While waiting to watch the season finale of Wonderland we decided to do some henna. A few months ago we went on a girls weekend down south to Dunsborough, got a little drunk and had a go at some home made henna. This time we weren’t drunk and had a more steady hand! Following a few patterns from a henna book, I had a go at a beautiful design on Danika’s foot and it turned out better than expected!


I then did a few designs on my hand.


After the henna had dried we cut up watermelon, pineapple, rockmelon and put some strawberries together for some healthy dessert!

It was a lovely night and must do it more often!!

Casey xxxx

Our Wedding Day- Getting ready


After the huge lead up the day finally arrived! Only a few champagnes the night before and I woke feeling nervous and excited! The lovely Linda arrived to do my make up and the amazing photographer Steve came to snap the getting ready shots. I went with the classic, liquid eyeliner, smoky eyes and red lips. The wedding was vintage inspired! 27 Creative
Linda G Make up

11584_10153005185056055_4416557504562331190_n 10171090_10153005185226055_267741690899290542_n 10383661_10153005183936055_5072992104851523599_n 10391378_10153005184801055_1338104929723818242_n10701942_10153005185231055_5224462247989625008_n

My beautiful cousin and bridesmaid Alyssa bought us gorgeous Peter Alexander floral robes to wear while we got ready and had a few champagnes to calm the nerves!

1477903_10153005184681055_441539950366669562_n 1554434_10153005184991055_3281257723684031092_n 10696405_10153005184836055_1532523295253206353_n

The lovely Maddy did my hair. A vintage mini bee hive and pin curl up do 🙂

954690_10153005193686055_1554448265683377855_n 1932352_10153005193336055_4842140311593122211_n 10418499_10153005194231055_7966364817955850955_n 10425096_10153005185116055_2474648909204310788_n 10451653_10153005194701055_1650101709742425810_n 10712920_10153005193936055_6216926144822012287_n 10801513_10153005194091055_4920836187554270055_n 10801869_10153005194041055_119348613466161797_n

I wore my fifties inspired wedding dress from Anastasia’s in Mt Hawthorn. I had it altered, so that it was ballerina length, just above my ankles- mid/lower calf. The veil is my mum’s from when she married my father just over 30 years ago, the polka dots were just perfect for me! My beautiful shoes are Alannah Hill. The earrings are from Glitter Co in Subiaco.

10334291_10153005183806055_2377125374173108183_n 10408771_10153005184946055_6758880421752654000_n

My bridesmaid’s dress, we bought online from Pinup Girl clothing.


My handsome brother and father.

7592_10153005194501055_4087498135576922920_n 1982036_10153005194931055_2398067226430265553_n 10394626_10153005193851055_3483366287907592099_n 10649747_10153005193381055_5354852218539830979_n

Photos with my beautiful family

10361303_10153005208676055_7125002447508571773_n 10433005_10153005193766055_1505943560368085736_n 10603299_10153005184356055_4578539643880595359_n10801504_10153005194861055_5109786374207866326_n

My stunning roses from Signature Floral Design. Signature Floral Design


The first little hiccup of the day, the vintage Jag broke down on the way to pick me up. Not to worry a few more photos it is!

In the next few days I will post about getting to the church and the ceremony!

Casey xxx

Japanese Honeymoon: Part Seven

After a fun night out we woke up and caught a train into Akihabara, the video game district!! There were lots of wacky shops and we bought a cool Japanese video console!





We then went back to Shinjuku and headed out for dinner at a restaurant where you order your meal on a vending machine. While ordering I noticed a camera crew has walked in and were filming us order. They asked if they could interview us for a Japanese television station! They asked us about the system and where we come from. After we sat down to eat and they keep filming haha it was so funny!!



In the morning we walked to Burger King, I had to try the squid ink black burger! I thought it would be weird but it was actually good!!



Our last full day in Japan we spent in Harajuku! Wow what an amazing place!! So much cool fashion and cute girls!!






We had an amazing lunch of vegetable tempura and udon noodle soup. We spotted the best vending machine yet! An alcohol one!



Back at the hotel we had a drink at our hotel bar then had dinner and walked the streets of Shinjuku! It’s hard to know where to head when there are so many places! We found a cool bar and headed up, Black Cats! It’s dedicated to a Japanese rockabilly band from the 80s. The owner was cool and even gave us a cd!!






The next morning we caught the bus to the airport. Had our last amazing meal in Japan and looked around the airport. I bought more cute things and then boarded.





Japan is one of the most amazing places I have ever been! I can not wait to go back one day and spend some time in Osaka and Kyoto!

Casey xxxx